What is corporate design?
What is corporate design?

An organization is called upon to design and design its products and services in accordance with its corporate identity goals.

Elements of corporate design (design) can be listed as follows;

1- Name of institution,
2- The slogan or motto of the institution,
3- Typography,
4- Logosu,
5- Emblem,
6- Colors,
7- Product design
8- Office designs,
9- Decorations,
10- Building designs,
11- Environmental designs,
12- Landscape designs,
13- Clothing designs,
14- Form designs,
15- Advertising designs,
16- Publication designs,
17- Vehicle designs,
18- Packaging designs,
19- Promotional designs,
etc. as.

Corporate design (design) should carry the following features;

1- It must be practical,
2- It should be functional,
3- Use should be appropriate,
4- It should be aesthetic,
5- Easy to be perceived,
6- It must be original,
7- It must be symbolic,
8- It should be a contextual meaning,
9- The institution should be able to describe the product or service,
10- It must be social,
11- He should be able to address collective.